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Demo Reel Production Information

Athlete Demo Reel ProductionEthos Media demo reel production services are great for upstart actors, musicians, dancers, athletes, and other types of performers. Our standard packages are affordable and produce all content in high definition. Our producers work under your specific direction in determining which content makes the final cut, in what order, and how to utilize other creative elements in your video.

Acting Reel Information

demo-reel-productionActing reels typically consist of an opening graphic with a head shot and contact information followed by film content. Our recommended run-time is 45 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the role you’re auditioning for or intended use of the video.

Filming and Editing Service: $500.00 – Our filming services consist of a 4-hour block to capture as much custom content as possible, all of which is made available for private review afterward. Actors can then make content selections and provide instructions for assembly of the final reel, which can also include any pre-existing content from other projects. Typical turnaround on an edited reel after receiving written instructions is 3-days or less.

Head Shot Samples – Click to Enlarge

Demo Reel Samples

Optional Services for Acting Reels

Scene Writing: You’ll work with our network of professional writers communicating your ideas for character dialogue and scene presentation so that you have custom content ready for filming. It’s important that you be as specific as possible about the characters and scenes to portray so our writers can finish your dialogue faster and more accurately to your vision.

Head Shots: Need updated head shots? Single person, 1-hour sessions for as low as $300 with high resolution deliverables within 2 days or less. Check out our sample gallery for examples of our work!

Supporting Actor: Actors frequently perform their best when playing off another actor. If you don’t have someone to fulfill the role for you, our network of professional actors will gladly step in at affordable pricing.

Director’s Corner

From Our Clients

nathan amir headshotEthos Media is a professional company that gives great service with attention to details. They make the environment very warm for the actor which allows him to maximize his talent in front of the camera.

-Nathan Amir, Professional Actor.